We're looking forward to seeing these results

The University of New Mexico is conducting a new study to determine how cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness work to help people quit drinking. They’re also tossing in a bit of motivational enhancement therapy at the beginning.

We are big fans of both (Drinker’s Helper is more focused on CBT, with elements of MET too), so we’re excited to see what they find.

The idea is that these treatments help change the way your brain works, reversing the changes that constitute alcohol use disorder. By measuring changes using individuals’ own reports, performance on mental tasks, and actual measurement of brain activity, they hope to discover WHY these two treatments work.

See the full details here. We’ll let you know what they find!

And if you have decided to change your drinking, we hope you’ll try the Drinker’s Helper app. Our exercises (over 100 over them now!) are mostly based on cognitive behavioral therapy, one of a handful of therapies that has been shown to work on alcohol use disorder. Try it today!