We want to try this

Now, you have no health-related excuse to drink.

As an aside first, if you’re confused: sometimes people believe (based on some very shaky research) that moderate drinking improves heart health and reduces risk of stroke due to the antioxidants in wine. It’s likely not true; in fact, the latest research suggests any amount of drinking raises the risk of stroke.

But the exciting news is that there is a beverage called O.Vine that uses grape skin and seeds left over from winemaking to create a beverage that tastes like wine, and has all the antioxidants of wine, without the alcohol.

It’s 12 small bottles for about $70, so it’s not cheap (it’s selling in Neiman Marcus Stores, so there’s your first clue). But we’re intrigued to see if it satisfies those of us who, like us, find water a bit too dull to take the place of alcohol.

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We think finding a substitute drink can be important in your path to quit or cut back. In fact, we have an exercise on “Mocktails” which helps you discover the right substitute drink for you. We got through our first few months of sobriety relying on tonic water & lime to replace cocktails, and having something interesting (maybe a little bitter, maybe a little tangy) to drink made a big difference.

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