If I make more than one tracking entry on a day, how does it work?

If you make additional entries to a given day (either today or a past day), you are ADDING to your drink total for that day.

So if you have logged 2 drinks already today and you had one more and want to track it, DO NOT enter 3 drinks today, or the system will think you had 5. Simply add 1 more drink.

I added too many drinks. Can I edit a tracking entry?

There is unfortunately no way to do so yet. We get this ask often, so we are planning to update Tracking & Insights in an upcoming release.

Can I send photos and links in Groups?

Links, yes; photos, no.

We relatively recently updated the app to allow sending of links, so please update to the latest version of Drinker’s Helper in order to send and receive clickable links.

We do not allow sending of photos. We have concerns about both quality (will the conversations be high quality if we allow photos to be sent, or will they spiral into a stream of Facebook-esque memes?) and potential abuse (e.g., pornographic or otherwise offensive photos). If you think we should enable photo sharing, please let us know.

Do you delete messages in the Groups?

No, we don’t. If you’re not seeing all past messages, force the app to close (instructions here) and all group messages should be there upon re-load.

If you still have trouble, this is a bug; please report it to us so we can fix it!

My messages aren’t sending

It may be an issue with your internet connectivity. Drinker’s Helper is best used when on a strong Wi-Fi connection. If you type a message and it does not go through to your Group, check your internet connection and try again.

If you are still having trouble, please report a bug to us so we can investigate!

I’m not seeing new message notifications

The most likely explanation is that the Group is quiet at that time. You are in all different parts of the country, so what is a good time for you may be dinnertime for others in the Group. As long as you have notifications on, Group messages will come through.

For now, the best way to report someone who is behaving in an unacceptable manner is to email us.

Per our terms, we reserve the right to ban anyone from using our service.

For guidance, we will exercise that right in the case of people doing any of the following:

  1. Encouraging heavy drinking or abusing other hard drugs

  2. Insulting, demeaning or lashing out at fellow group members

  3. Otherwise attempting to derail others

how can i report a troll?