There are four ways Drinker's Helper can help you stop or reduce your drinking 


monitor your drinking

All of the following are FREE to all users of our app:

  • Set a moderate drinking goal or decide on sobriety

  • Take an alcohol test to determine how your drinking compares to the norm

  • Use our drink tracker to track drinks and urges to drink

  • Make a pledge to stop drinking alcohol for a certain number of days and track your sobriety


understand your drinking

Our members who subscribe have access to Insights on their drinking that include:

  • Insight into the circumstances of your drinking and urges to drink

  • Benchmarks to compare your drinking to the community

  • Your streak of sticking with your goals (watch your streak go up over time!)

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learn skills to change your habits

All users can try 17 exercises for free.

Members who subscribe have access to our full library of over 100 chat-based exercises to help them stay motivated to stop drinking or cut back on drinking, deal with urges to drink, and confront the anxiety and depression that often lead to drinking.

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join a group for support and advice

We match you with an anonymous group of 20-30 people with similar past drinking habits so you can provide a network of mutual support through a chat in Drinker’s Helper. You can:

  • Answer weekly prompts to give each other advice on what works to quit drinking or cut back on drinking

  • Support each other when you need help