risks of drinking

A bottle of wine costs $3,150?

That’s the startling conclusion of a new study written up in the Mirror here.

Of course, that won’t be the sticker price. In general, a respectable bottle of wine costs about the following by country:

  • 15 dollars in Australia, Canada and New Zealand (in their respective dollars)

  • 7 pounds in the United Kingdom

  • 12 dollars in the United States

But the study found that the following additional hidden costs of drinking alcohol were as follows:

  1. Memory loss and attention problems (reduced focus, increased reaction time)

  2. Insomnia

  3. Employability (because of the first two, your ability to get a job, or to do well at a job, can be impaired - research has found that memory loss and attention issues in particular persist well into the day after you drink)

  4. Increased risk of depression

  5. increased risk of physical violence

These add up over time, making the bottle of wine a good deal more expensive than list price.

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