reduce drinking

Moderation programs

It’s not as common to hear about people working to moderate their drinking (vs. quit drinking entirely), as many of the more prominent programs that help problem drinkers focus on total abstinence from alcohol.

However, cutting back on drinking is a much more palatable goal to many people, and some may avoid seeking help until it’s to late because they don’t want to go fully sober.

Moderation programs can be especially good for people who have not yet developed a dependence on alcohol, but instead merely drink in a risky manner.

While we at Drinker’s Helper always advocate for sobriety (it’s just easier in the long run, in so many ways), we believe moderation can work for a lot of people and setting a moderate drinking goal in our app. We also believe there are a few additional programs out there that do a great job helping people stick to moderation goals:

  1. Moderation Management: We especially love this program because its founder focused heavily on cognitive behavioral therapy in developing their strategies to help people stick to moderation goals. There are online forums as well as in person meetings, online drink tracking, and resources in the form of handbooks to help you quit or cut back.

  2. This online, self-directed web app program helps people stick to moderate drinking goals, and has been proven effective in a randomized clinical trial funded by NIH/NIAAA.

Both Moderation Management and Moderate Drinking are included on the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP), which means they have been shown to be effective for some people to quit or cut back on drinking.

You can use either of these programs in conjunction with Drinker’s Helper, and many of our members try multiple approaches at once to have the best chance of success.