benefits of stopping drinking

The argument for quitting drinking

At Drinker’s Helper, we believe that moderation (moderate drinking at healthy levels) is a perfectly acceptable option as a goal, and increasing numbers of people agree. We did it ourselves for a while without problems, before we decided to stop drinking. But we wanted to share a few arguments for quitting drinking entirely. It’s up to you - just some input to consider!

Here are the reasons we recommend you quit drinking:

  1. When you actually quit, you get a better sense of how (psychologically) addicted you are. When alcohol is forbidden, you see how much you crave it - much more so than if you can relieve that craving every few days.

  2. It’s easier to make one big decision to quit than many daily decisions to drink or not to drink. When you pass an airport bar, or go on a late night snack run, you just know that booze is off limits, instead of weighing the pros and cons of drinking that one time. As a bonus, others start to know that you just don’t drink, so they don’t tempt you with offers.

  3. When you stop drinking, you think about drinking much less often. When you simply moderate your drinking, you end up thinking about your next drink almost constantly (to monitor it, or to plan out your week so you stay on track). You end up anticipating your weekend drinks more than you’d like because you think about them all week when you’re denying yourself.

  4. There’s no fudging. When you are moderating, you need to monitor your drinking carefully to make sure you’re staying within the recommended limits. It’s easy to forget a drink, or count an enormous double cocktail as just one ‘drink.’ With no drinks at all, it’s pretty clear to tell whether you’ve hit your goals or not.

These are just a few of the reasons we recommend quitting drinking, even though we strongly support moderation as an option.

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