alcohol research

A new surprising risk factor for drinking problems

We all have our own ideas as to what might make some people more likely to develop an alcohol addiction.

Some of it is genetic, for sure; some of it may be drinking because of anxiety or boredom that becomes overwhelming.

But one study found that, surprisingly, perfectionism is a character trait that is correlated with drinking problems.

Here’s the full story, but the TL;DR is:

  • When you’re a perfectionist, you want to be SEEN as perfect, so sometimes, you drink to cover up imperfections

  • When you’re a perfectionist, you want to BE perfect, so sometimes, you drink to cope with having made mistakes any normal person would make

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New research on alcohol and the heart

Many studies purport to show some kind of health benefit from drinking (usually red wine) in small amounts. These studies often fail to account for differences in income that might actually cause the health benefits (moderate drinkers may be better off than those who don’t drink).

However, more and more studies are showing that drinking generally causes harm. Many delicious things do (bacon, sugary foods, you name it), but it’s good to know what kind of harm alcohol can cause, even in (relatively) moderate amounts.

See here for the details, but the TL; DR is:

  1. Alcohol disrupts electrical signals in your heart

  2. It does so by causing scarring

  3. The signal disruption means that it can cause an irregular heartbeat

  4. An irregular heartbeat raises the risk of heart attack or stroke

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