alcohol arousal

In honor of Valentine's Day, let's talk alcohol and sex

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we did our Googling and pulled together a moderately less-than-scientific infographic for your enjoyment, summarizing what we know about alcohol and its effects on our sex lives.

The bottom line is: alcohol acts like Bridget Jones’ constraining underwear.

To recap her quandary in case it’s been a while since you’ve seen the movie: she mulls what to wear on her date, because constraining Spanx-like underpants increase the chance of getting to a desired sexual encounter, but make it less sexy once you’re in the moment.

Alcohol can get us in the mood, but worsen sexual performance and enjoyment for both men and women. It can make us more attracted to others, but sometimes it makes us attracted to people we wouldn’t normally be attracted to. Finally, it lowers our inhibitions, but that in turn can lead to worse decisions about risks like unprotected sex.

The bottom line: for best results, quit or stick to moderate drinking, folks.

Happy Valentine’s Day!