Hangovers only get worse

Ok, so at a high level this isn’t a surprise.

We all know that when we hit about 30, suddenly 2 or 3 glasses of wine is enough to make the next morning… rough. Somehow, we can’t handle what we could when we were 22.

But after all, one of the symptoms of an alcohol use disorder is higher tolerance. Over time, aren’t we supposed to become more accustomed to alcohol? Less susceptible to its effects? Shouldn’t hangovers get weaker?

A new three-part study was trying to investigate the relationship between hangover frequency and hangover severity. It found clear evidence in all three parts of the study that frequency and severity of hangovers were positively correlated - in other words, the more often you have hangovers, the worse they’re likely to make you feel. This was true even after correcting for BAC, demographics, personality, and alcohol intake.

This appears to be evidence that there is actually a reverse tolerance effect - the more often you experience hangovers, the worse they get, instead of better. It’s all the more reason to change your drinking now.

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