The rise and rise of non-alcoholic beer

Apparently, non-alcoholic beer is set to become a $25B market by 2024. We’re inclined to celebrate, because we know how having tasty substitutes can make the first month or so without drinks much, much easier.

The driving factors behind the growing demand include:

  1. Growing awareness of health consequences of drinking (woo!)

  2. General health consciousness (NA beers tend to have fewer calories - also woo!)

  3. Liquor bans in some places

  4. Religious beliefs among young people

  5. More plentiful and easily accessible products (sweet!)

We didn’t know much about the market, not being huge beer fans ourselves, so we did some research.

Turns out there are a lot of options, and some are easily available nationwide, including:

  1. Some NA beers are available on alcohol home delivery app Drizly: Athletic Brewing Company Run Wild Non-Alcoholic IPA, Beck’s (a very well-known German brand), Kaliber (an Irish brand), and Buckler (a pale Netherlands beer).

  2. Several NA beers are available on in the US, including Heineken Zero, Erdinger, Clausthaler, and Kaliber.

  3. Several brands have created their own online shops:

    1. Gruvi, which offers both non-alcoholic beer and wine, is now available for purchase online around the US (check out It uses a different process than most other NA beers, which may make the flavor different.

    2. Wellbeing Brewing Company is solely dedicated to craft non-alcoholic beer, and is so wildly popular several of its selections are currently sold out on its online shop.

    3. Athletic Brewing was founded by someone who quit drinking and felt annoyed by the lack of options for NA beer in his new sober social life.

    4. If you’re more into craft beer, Bravus is a non-alcoholic craft brewery with an amber ale, IPA, and oatmeal stout.

  4. Two Roots Brewing, known for its cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beer, is introducing a lager, a wheat beer, and an IPA in California BevMos this month.

We’re glad there are tons of tasty, non-alcoholic beer options for people who are cutting back or quitting drinking.

Beyond just finding substitutes, you can get empathy, encouragement, motivation, and insight by using Drinker’s Helper, our app designed to help people cut back or quit drinking. It’s like a self-help manual and a support group rolled together into one. Try it free for a week!

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