Actual hangover cures

Yes, we mean something other than greasy eggs, aspirin, water, and staying away from bright lights.

Our hangovers got worse as we got older. However, they were just one of many reasons we decided to quit drinking (higher on the list were the embarrassments, the cravings, and the inability to stop at one or two).

So we don’t think better hangover cures are a good reason to start drinking again. But if you need to re-set after a night of heavy drinking, it can help to really clear your head and think through what happened. To that end, then we pulled together a list of some of the latest hangover cures to share with you.

We used to think hangovers were simply down to dehydration, and the cure was water. But apparently, no one knows the exact cause of hangovers. There are entire books on the subject. One known cause of headaches is acetaldehyde, which is produced when the body processes alcohol. It’s toxic and can cause pain.

Here’s a list of just some of these new hangover cures:

  1. Blowfish: Blowfish is a tablet you drop into water. It’s essentially caffeine and aspirin, formulated to be less irritating to your stomach.

  2. Hangzing: Hangzing uses herbs, electrolytes and vitamins to break down acetaldehyde and provide you with new energy.

  3. Revitalyte: Revitalyte helps mostly with rehydration, using electrolytes and sugar, much like Gatorade

  4. .Cheers: Cheers has two pills: one that helps you break down alcohol and acetaldehyde and reduces the anxiety that can result from a hangover, and one that helps you rehydrate.

  5. Morning Recovery: Morning Recovery focuses on helping you break down alcohol and acetaldehyde.

Try them out and let us know what you think!