Introducing an all-new Drinker's Helper!

Hi all,

We are very proud and excited to bring you v3 of Drinker’s Helper. We believe we’ve made the app not only better, but also much easier to use. Let’s see how:

To begin with, we are making tracking easier. We know many people simply want to set a goal and track their drinking against that goal. Tracking drinks is now quick and easy, entirely free for anyone using Drinker’s Helper. Try it out today!

For our members, things get even better with new visual insights. Members can now more easily get a sense of the circumstances of their drinking as well as understand how it is changing with time. It’s now much easier to see how you’re doing!

We are also introducing a wealth of new content. Over 75 exercises are now available to members in our library, and you can save your favorites to your toolbox for easy access. These exercises cover tips to deal with urges to drink, among other things.

To try out Drinker’s Helper, find us on the App Store today!

The Drinker’s Helper Team

PS. If you have suggestions for our next version, please contact us.

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