We believe you can do it

We started Drinker’s Helper when we started to realize that we were relying on drinking to feel happy. Although both of us were working full-time and doing well at our jobs, we were drinking almost every night, and drinking all day most weekends. It became hard to stop after just one drink.

As we realized what drinking was costing us in terms of the hangovers, the calories, the sleep problems, and the overall loss of self-control, we searched for proven remedies online. That’s when we learned about motivational enhancement therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, the two therapies that inspired the exercises in Drinker’s Helper.

At first, using our own app, we tried moderation, and we kept it up for a few months. But we realized we were anticipating drinking more than ever, and thinking about alcohol all the time, we ultimately decided to quit. Now, we don’t drink, and even better - we don’t want to anymore!

We want to bring the experience we had to other people, so in Drinker’s Helper, you can do four important things that help you cut back or quit drinking:

  1. Monitor your drinking: We help you set healthy drinking goals and track your drinks and urges to drink over time.

  2. Understand your drinking: We help you understand why you’re drinking by showing you the patterns in your drinking and urges. When we used our own app, we discovered that we drank mostly when we were happy, not when we were anxious or sad. It helped to know what to watch out for.

  3. Learn skills to change your habits: Learn skills to avoid unwanted drinking based on cognitive behavioral therapy, a leading evidence-based approach that helps you manage the thoughts and situations that make you want to drink. Then sort through why you want to make a change with motivational enhancement therapy, a leading evidence-based approach to fighting problem drinking that which helps you build motivation to change your drinking.

  4. Talk to others in a similar place: We got so much out of talking each other through the challenges, so we built Groups into Drinker’s Helper. You can join a group of people who have similar drinking goals and challenges, so you can help each other.

We hope you will download the app, try it out for a week, and if you like it, join our community of subscribers.